Donnelly Business Finds International Success
Published by Better Business Bureau, Torch Talk, Business News Solutions by Rebeca Barr

The idea of starting Emulate Natural Care started in 2003 after Julie was taking care of her sister post-surgery when someone recommended emu oil for her sister’s pain.
Stauts started using emu oil to help alleviate her own pain from several years of spinal arthritis, and that’s what started her passion to launch the all-natural pain relief and skin care company.

Emulate now makes over 50 different products and has shipped to every state in the country as well as internationally to Mexico, France, Italy, Taiwan and the UK.
They even opened an office in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2013 to focus on selling products to the spa industry –
another success they tout as being the supplier to the number one wellness resort chain in Mexico.

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