Vidanta Resort and Spa

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Vidanta Spas Provides Treatments with Emulate Products

Quote from the Director of the Vidanta Spas:

“Emulate is an innovative brand that seeks organic, natural ingredients
and their perfect combinations to provide the best benefit and help solve specific needs for the body.

Their products have had excellent response from our customers,
and Emulate provides personalized attention by listening to the needs of our spas
and pro-actively participating to create formulas for exclusive signature treatments.

Their training is well prepared with excellent content and teaching material
and with a practical approach to ensure that our employees learn the information and
know how to communicate Emulate’s benefits to the client and how to apply them to our treatments.

In 2 years of working with Emulate we have received excellent attention and
support and every year Emulate presents new products that are in tune with what our client is looking for today.”

Svetlana Nadirova
Director of Spas
Vidanta Resorts – Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta

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Our Pure Emu Oil is truly a product
that customers have seen amazing results
for many physical challenges.

It possesses properties beneficial to you which are found in no other lotion formula or natural oil.

It penetrates into your skin and deeper tissues to fortify them against a number of ailments
including dry skineczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, burns, acne, arthritis inflammation and many others.

Emu Oil will penetrate deeply into your skin leaving a nice silky, not oily feeling that will last for hours.

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My skin just loves moringa products!

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