Shown left to right:
Peter Guerrero, General Manager of Emulate Naturals Mexico
Claudia Hernandez, Director of Marketing
Julie Stauts, Founder & President Emulate Natural Care, Inc.

Welcome to Emulate Natural Care, Inc., a family-owned and operated manufacturer of all natural and organic pain relief, healing and facial skin care products.

Emulate Natural Care is committed to providing superior natural quality that is unlike anything you have ever used before. Since 2002, when Emulate was founded by Julie Stauts in Boise, Idaho, we have been making our products by hand, following Native and Holistic traditions for harvesting and infusing wild and organic healing herbs and flowers into healing American Emu oil* and Moringa oil.

Every Emulate product comes with an unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee for your satisfaction. Exceeding your expectations is our highest priority.

Whether you are using our products in a spa or at home, they are made with a commitment to safe ingredients that offer you and every member of your family the utmost in good health and beautiful skin! This is our promise to you!
Welcome again to our Emulate family and thank you for being our customer!

*Emulate’s American Emu oil is 100% pure Grade A pharmaceutical quality certified by the American Emu Association for consistent quality and processing.


Julie Stauts, Founder & President,
Emulate Natural Care, Inc.

In 2003, I was caring for my sister following a surgery when someone recommended we use Emu oil to relieve the pain. Within minutes the pain was gone and it stayed away for hours. Having suffered for years from spinal arthritis, I immediately tried it as well, and again the pain stopped quickly and it lasted for hours! I was hooked and I knew I would never have to live with that pain again.

With the revelation came a commitment to introduce others to this miracle of nature. Since that day, we have been blessed with customers who truly care about our products and company. Their loyalty has played an irreplaceable part of our growth, helping us to create a marvelous list of natural products that meet your daily needs.

Like our Native American and Pioneer ancestors, we utilize the elements of the earth to hand make products that many describe as “the most amazing skin care and pain relief products” they have ever tried. With attention to every detail, we use only pure pharmaceutical grade American Emu Oil, hand selected and wild harvested healing herbs, Aloe Vera, and nutrient rich, virgin unrefined organic fair-trade Shea Butter.

The best way to know if you are going to love our products is to try them, so please ask for samples. All of our products are MONEY BACK GUARANTEED. And, we donate a portion of our profits to many charities and families in need, so your purchases help others as well.

We also reward our Frequent Buying Customers with special discounts of up to 20% off and FREE shipping as a member of our Emulate Green Club. It is FREE to join and you can have as many friends and family on your membership as you desire.

Thank you for being our customer and remember “To Feel Great…Emulate”!