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Every year it seems like the cosmetic industry is hyping a new product that we just have to use. When it comes to the hair care industry the next new tropical secret that makes island girls hair shinny and healthy gets a new name but the story pretty much stays the same. One product that has come out that makes similar claims is Emu Oil. We investigated this product to see if the claims of what it can really do is true or not. This article is the results that we have found about this product.

The first thing we will start with are the claims that are made about Emu Oil when it comes to hair care. We will take every claim, research it, provide you with the results of our research, give you our thoughts on what we have learned, and finally we will leave it up to you to make the best decision for yourself. We will use publicized claims and the results of people who have actually used this product to attempt to get to the bottom line of, is this a buy or a bust.Concentrated Eye Créme with Emu Oil

Claim 1: It Improves Hair Loss

This is a pretty huge claim to make and one that many companies have made in the past. We do give the Emu people credit for making a scientific argument as to how their product works to fight hair loss. The first thing you will find on the official site is that Emu oil is the fat from the Australian large bird, the Emu. The claim is that Emu oil gets to the core of what causes hair loss, and that is high levels of DHT production. Emu’s stock in the hair loss industry is all backed on the idea that the fat from the EMU can inhibit DHT production, which gets to the literal root of the issue of hair loss. The science sounds good but does it work?

Claim 2: Emu Oil Wakes Up Hair Follicles

This claim is based on research that says that the EFA’s in Emu oil can cause hair follicles to start producing hair growth again. Their site gives testimony from a scientist who ran experiments using Emu and he showed that there is about a 20% hair growth increase and that around 80% of hair follicles start producing hair again. This is very exciting if this information is true because it means that just about anyone has the opportunity to regrow their hair.

Testing Claim 1:

Testing claim one involved doing a lot of research on social media, blogs, review sites and youtube. Our goal was to hear from people who actually use Emu oil vs people who only want to sell this information. Real people reviews are invaluable when your goal is to learn about a product and to test if it really works. One of the first videos that we found was of a woman who shows off her hair. She speaks about how she was using Emu oil and how it made her hair shine, how it had more body and how it was longer. She didn’t speak of having any hair loss issues. We found a handful of videos like this, where a woman was showing what Emu oil did for her and how it made their hair look better. We found several videos after a long research that showed videos of people speaking about the re-growth of hair with Emu Oil, that we couldn’t see of anywhere they where trying to sell a product through there video or YT channel. What these videos did was show how Emu oil is a good moisturizer and how in that function it does a very great job because all of these women have great looking, long, full and shiny hair. There was a common ground that felt there hair grew quicker in almost all the videos and thus would help prove that Emu Oil benefits hair growth.

Testing Claim 2:

With claim 2 our goal was not to do a scientific test but to instead look into if Emu oil is really capable of regrowing hair. Our research up into this point did show that it makes hair look better and fuller but we had yet to find anything saying that it will grow hair that has stopped growing. To test this we changed our search perimeters to direct, “growing hair back with emu oil” and other search terms that were more direct and focused on recovering from hair loss vs making ones hair prettier. We used Youtube for these searches because we knew we would get some reviews from real people, and that is what we definitely got. These reviews showed that many people were slowly regrowing hair that they had given up on. There were countless videos of people showing before and after videos and even series. So showed how they were able to improve their hair line, bald spots and other trouble areas. The full proof research has yet to be done on emu oil and all the natural benefits from it, but clients testimonials from around the world are telling us what it does already. Benefits of Emu Oil For Your Hair | Emulate Emu Oil

As always these statements are not approved by or endorsed by the FDA and are said from client and personal testimonies throughout our company and found in other resources. We suggest that you look at a few of these videos, read the official information about this product, read the science behind it and then make an educated decision. There’s a lot of information to look from, a lot of people making videos about it that you should reach out to and you will eventually come to the right choice based on the data that is provided about this hair regrowth product that is fairly popular.

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