Benefits Of Emu Oil-Helping Cancer Patients To Eczema Sufferers

Emu Oil Benefits Series

While many Australians have heard of and used Emu oil, most of the rest of the planet has yet to learn of its many benefits. For hundreds of years the local Aborigines used this wonderful oil to treat skin problems and joint pain, but all of the evidence was anecdotal, with no real proof based on science. But lately there have been a bunch of research studies done and more great uses have been discovered for Emu Oil Uses.

Many Of The Benefits Are Simply Because The Oil Penetrates

The problem with most oils is they just sit on the exterior of your skin and don’t really get past the top layers. In fact, many skin lotions only appear to soak in because the water and other ingredients are evaporating.  Emu oil is different, it really does soak in, and it has anti-inflammatory properties that make it beneficial once under the skin.

It absorbs quickly, and is hypoallergenic, meaning very few people have ever reported any adverse side effects or allergic reactions. The anti-inflammation action is what makes it work so well on many skin conditions that are really caused by the body having an allergic reaction to itself.

Emu Oil Is Shown To Help Eczema

100% Pure Emu Oil

100% Pure Emu Oil

Atopic dermatitis, mostly called eczema, can be very serious in some people. In others it may come and go, based on diet, weather, stress or other unknown reasons. Emu oil has been shown to be highly effective when applied directly to the area where the eczema normally occurs. It works well as a preventative and to eliminate already existing red rashes and the small fluid filled bumps that accompany the rash in some cases.

While scientists aren’t sure what causes most cases of eczema, they do know that it’s difficult to treat and many times several different medications are tried before finding one that will work in an individual. It’s believed that it’s the body’s own defense mechanism mistakenly attacking itself because of allergies or reactions to foods like milk, eggs, soybeans, fish, wheat,  or citrus fruits.

Once you’ve tried all natural Emu oil and found that it works, you may want to cut back on the prescription medications given by your doctor, since many of those have serious side effects. You may also want to change soaps and detergents in the home to more non-allergenic, non-fragrant types, and always double rinse your laundry to make sure.

Emu Oil Has Been Highly Beneficial To Cancer Patients To Repair Bowel Damage

It has been discovered that the anti-inflammation properties of Emu oil help to speed the recovery of damaged intestines after patients are treated with chemotherapy. The chemo causes lesions in the intestines that lead to ulcers, if they’re not treated properly they can result in a leaky gut syndrome, where food particles are released into the abdomen. This food release will cause inflammation and allergies to many foods that weren’t a problem in the past.

Concentrated Eye Créme with Emu Oil. All Natural, Organic, and Vegan Emu Oil and Moringa Oil Products

Concentrated Eye Créme with Emu Oil

Up to 60% of chemo patients experience problems with painful and dangerous intestinal ulcers that are caused by the dangerous chemicals involved. Since there were no viable options in the past, patients could only wait and hope their body’s would take care of the problem on its own. But with Emu oil to enhance recovery, that waiting has been shown to be reduced substantially in studies.

Emu Oil Is Also Used In Veterinary Medicine

Many dogs are genetically predisposed to yeast infections, especially after taking any antibiotics for other diseases. These yeast infections can drag on for months and even years, with oral and topical medicines having little to no effect. However, Emu oil, when applied daily has excellent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, helping to quickly eliminate the yeast and allow the natural oils the dog produces to take over.

This wonderful Emu Oil is also used to help in the rapid recovery of wounds after surgery in dogs and cats. There is always a danger of infections, and this oil has antibiotic action that not only keeps infections down, but helps the wound heal faster than it otherwise could.

Dry Skin & Eczema Creme w/American Emu Oil

Dry Skin & Eczema Creme w/American Emu Oil

Emu oil has many benefits that are too numerous to list. If you have any skin conditions, hair problems, or need scar removal you can do some research and find many believers in this popular oil. Just make sure you’re buying 100% all natural oil, with no additives or other artificial ingredients.


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