AEA Certified Emu Oil by Emulate natural Care

AEA Certified Emu Oil by Emulate natural Care

Why Choose Emu Oil From Emulate Natural Care and Emu oil Uses?

We offer the best and most diverse selection of Handmade Quality AEA Certified emu oil.

With numerous types and sizes on the marketplace today. All of our 100% Pure Emu Oil is

guaranteed to be untainted Emu Oil that has not been cut with other oils or filler ingredients.

 Plus, we ensure the quality of our Pure Emu Oil by taking several important steps

as defined below.


Emulate Natural Care Pure Emu Oil benefits are: Why I should buy Emulate’s Pure Emu Oil and which one should I buy?

·         AEA Certified Fully Refined Grade A Emu Oil

·         Exceed the class of Fully Refined Grade A Emu Oil

·         Provide an odorless emu oil

·         Are sterilized by proper temperatures

·         Are processed naturally with no chemicals used

·         Are refined utilizing a special process that does not destroy the natural beneficial properties of the oil

·         Provide a natural emu oil for cosmetic, medical, pharmaceutical and therapeutic uses

·         Provide a consistent product batch to batch

A Major Antioxidant and Healing Agent

Emu Oil Uses for thousands of years as a foundation of food, attire, jewelry and even the oil as a natural remedy. The Aborigines discovered when applied to the skin, Emu oil Uses offered protection from the sun and elements, was an exceptional moisturizer, comforted muscle and joint pain, and was effective on bruises.

Vitamin E is added to Emu Oil as a natural additive. It is also a major antioxidant and healing source.

Emulate’s Emu oil also contains:

  • Vitamin A, a known skin repairer and antioxidant
    • Linoleic acid, which helps to ease muscle aches and joint pain
    • Oleic acid, a proven skin cell regenerator and anti-wrinkle agent
    • Sapogens, proven skin softeners
    • Terpines, known antiseptics

The Benefits Of Emu Oil

There are a wide range of benefits that come from using Emu oil. The oil is extracted from the fat content of the Emu bird and processed to manufacture a variety of products that are designed to treat different medical conditions.

Topical Treatment Benefits

When applied directly to the skin, the following benefits can be expected:

Moisturizing and nourishing: Emu oil is great to relieve dry skin issues when used as part of a skin care routine. The oils have also shown results in minimizing fine lines and wrinkles that appear on the face, hands and body.

Anti-inflammatory properties: This is perhaps the most common benefit of Emu oil and can reduce the appearance of bumps, rashes and other skin conditions that cause inflammation.

Soothing: Massage with Emu oil can soothe aches and pains that occur in the muscles, joints and bones. The treatment can be used for specific medical conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, gout and many more.

Healing. Cuts:  abrasions and wounds heal faster and more effectively with the use of Emu oil. Existing scars can also be treated with the extract and will result in decreasing the appearance of scar tissue. Stretch marks show remarkable improvement when the oil is applied directly to the area on a regular basis. Leg ulcers (venous ulcers) will benefit from the healing properties of Emu Oil.

Skin and Body Overview

Emu oil fat lipids mimic those found in the top layer of your skin. Emu oil is almost 100% triglyceride lipid, this type of fatty compound is so similar to the fatty acids found in human skin that it can absorb into the skin faster than other oils and creams.

The Forsyth Institute in Boston, Massachusetts released a study on Emu oil and its anti-inflammatory properties, showing the remarkable effect topically applied to the skin. The results were promising in that Emu oil significantly reduced swelling from inflammation within 6 to 12 hours when applied directly.

Another research study at Boston University discovered that Emu oil may actually stimulate skin-cell regeneration and help those with thinning skin, bed sores, and arthritis.

Oral Benefits

When you take Emu oil orally, you can expect the following benefits:

Weight loss. Emu oil contains healthy lipids that aid in weight loss. The oil has the additional benefit of tightening skin and promoting good skin tone. However, the oil should be taken sparingly as large doses can result in weight gain.

Lowered cholesterol. The healthy lipids contained in Emu oil are known to lower cholesterol levels. The extract is a great way to supplement protein and fat intake without dealing with the negative side effects.

Cough and cold remedy. The anti-inflammatory properties soothe the throat and provide relief from coughs that are the result of colds and flu. The Emu oil has been used effectively to treat the symptoms of super bugs such as avian or swine flu.

Where To Get It

Emu oil is directly available from our online store, one of our Wholesalers, or one of our Distributors.

How To Use It

Information regarding the application and dosage that is most beneficial to treat specific conditions should be provided with your purchase of a specific product. Additional dosage instructions and uses for Emu oil are widely available on the internet.

However, as always it is best to use Emu oil under the supervision of a healthcare professional, especially if you are interested in the benefits that are related to ingesting the extract. Consulting a doctor will also help ensure that using the oil will not cause any interactions with any other medications that you are currently using.

Always make sure you’re purchasing 100% Pure refined AEA Certified Emu Oil.  Emulate Natural Care offers satisfaction guarantee.