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Athletes and Emu Oil

A new way to relieve pain, strains, and stiffness.

Dallas, Texas – Doug Atkinson, a team trainer with the National Basketball Association for 30 years, said he learned about the anti-inflammatory properties of Emu oil in 1992. One of the Dallas Mavericks, had undergone surgery on both knees and after two years in rehabilitation, was still unable to play because of swelling and inflammation. “Within six weeks after using Emu oil, the inflammation and swelling was gone and Lever was able to practice and play without limitation,” said Atkinson, who has retired and now owns a wellness firm that markets Emu-based products.

Emu oil products are used in the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL) and by major league baseball teams, as well as by high school and college athletes. “Emu oil acts as a trans-dermal carrier, delivering relief directly to the muscle or joint,” Atkinson said, “which also makes it effective for arthritis pain.”

Allen Hurst, an Emu producer, was a trainer in the National Football League for 22 years before retiring to his ranch. “In the NFL, we were always getting new products to try,” he said, “and because we were dealing with well-conditioned athletes, if a product worked, you knew it was extremely effective.”

One of those products was Emu oil. Hurst found that it was beneficial in the training room because it penetrated the skin rapidly, as proven in laboratory studies. And when used with another product – such as analgesic balm – it enhanced the performance of that product. “It doesn’t take much oil to accomplish the relief you need,” said the retired trainer, “and it is also effective in wound care.”

Jeff Berthelsen, a 26-year-old tri-athlete, has had chronic knee problems since high school. After intensive training sessions, using Emu oil on his knees helped alleviate pain and stiffness. Ronald Thomas, a senior tri-athlete, also uses Emu oil to maintain flexibility and for back pain after competitions.

Members of the American Emu Association have had similar reports from other athletes across the nation and from collegiate and professional sports teams, as well. “We’re finding more athletes using Emu–based creams and Emu oil as part of their training regimen and for rehabilitation,” said Neil Williams, president of the AEA. “and because Emu oil is relatively new in the marketplace, most people are surprised about how effective it is.”

Firsthand Testimonials

Eleven years ago I had 2 disks removed from my lower back. I was only 35 years old with a two year old child! For the first four years I could do very little — stand, sit, dishes, etc. just normal routine stuff much less play with my son. I am always plagued with pain. I hate taking pills for chronic pain due to their side effects. Finally, one day about 2 years ago I was waxing my hard wood floors and way over did it. I was in such pain I couldn’t even sit-stand -or lay down, I was having such bad spasms. My husband suggested I massage in some emu oil. “What do you have to lose?” he said. He massaged it on for about two minutes and I couldn’t believe it! I straightened up, the spasms were gone, the pain was gone and I finished my floors! Of course the emu oil can’t repair my back as it is now degenerating but at least I can do more things and be more active, knowing when my back hurts more than I can tolerate, I have a release from pain.

My husband has two plates and fifteen pins in his hip from an automobile accident. There was sciatic nerve and bone damage. At the end of a day of walking and being on his feet he is sore and in pain. He comes home and applies emu oil. Within five minutes he feels better.

I pitch and was hit by a ball on the right hand, swelling the ring finger. I was able to pitch the next day although my finger remained slightly swollen and sore. I applied emu oil with an arthritis cream on the finger and the pain stopped, allowing me to continue to play ball. We always make sure that the arthritis and eucalyptus/emu oil go to the tournament with us. Its like the eleventh player.

Gene Coufal, Manteca, CA

I have suffered for years with muscle spasms in the back, usually one of these bouts last 5 or 6 days, the only relief was from a prescription muscle relaxer, I don’t know if they actually helped or just made me sleep through the misery. About three months ago while building fence, I pulled a muscle in my back, this is generally the beginning of several days of suffering. I had my back rubbed with Woodhavens Sports Rub followed in an hour or so with pure Emu Oil, that night I went through the same routine. The next morning my back was stiff but after a couple of hours I was able to get back to fence building, maybe at a little slower pace for the day, but by the next day was at full capacity.

Don Arbogast, Dailey, WV

I couldn’t wear shoes any longer. Doctor recommended support hose. I tried that for two months. The ankles swelled underneath the support hose, and the blood could not return upwards. The huge swellings turned purple off and on. Doctor said, “Nothing else we can do. Once the veins are removed (harvested, he said) that’s it.” He recommended a specialist, but did not hold out much hope. What to lose, right? I asked my herbalist daughter to prepare a circulation-stimulating Emu-oil product. She did. My wife, who massages my feet daily with Emu-oil swears that my feet are a far cry from what they looked like. I did not contact the specialist, since the improvement in my circulation became glaringly self-evident. At the moment– no more support-hose, no more hugely swollen feet.

Henry Ruhe, Charlottesville, VA

I have always suffered from a sore back from sitting improperly when I knit. Last week I received some emu oil for Arthritis. I only had to use it once and the soreness and pain disappeared.

Don & Lois McIntyre, Box 104, Singhampton, ON, Canada

Hi there…
In the Autumn of 2011, I had emergency surgery for a right hip replacement. My nurse in rehab strongly urged me to do scar manipulation or massage with any good high grade oil…Vitamin E or the likes, said he. I had a jar of the Eczema Dry skin cream (emulate) purchased by a friend at a booth you had set up in Arizona earlier that year. I began to read the story about how you began to use emu oil for your sister, Julie, after her surgery. So I ordered some oil and used it quite successfully for my scar massage. I now have a beautiful barely noticeable very smooth scar.
Then, at beginning of August, I began to have quite severe pain in my right leg due to a chronic condition with escalation in spinal stenosis…showing up in that right leg and leading to a flare up and a pinched nerve. Desperate for relief of any kind (but without heavy drugs or medication)…this was the kind of blinding pain that brings tears literally…I grabbed my old jar of Emu Cream…with a combo of Arnica Gel and the Emu Cream massaged lightly together…and regular doses advil…I had relief. So I have ordered more emu oil products being fairly convinced that the emu oil has contributed in great part to the easing of my pain. No “medicine cabinet”, in my opinion, should be without emu oil products and/or arnica gel and tablets.
So thank you. I attach that receipt for my order and your information. Thanks so much and glad others find virtue and help with emu as I have.

Judith Salter
Amherst, NH


If you care at all about what you put on your skin, you NEED these all natural products. My skincare goal is NOT to erase wrinkles and look 10 years younger, but to use only natural products that make my skin appear healthy. Looking younger is the bonus! After trying many different moisturizers throughout my 60+ plus years, I was blessed to find Emulate. I was frustrated with all the chemicals in over-the-counter moisturizers and their high cost.

Dry Skin/Eczema Cream: This is the first Emulate product I was introduced to because my young grandson has severe eczema on his legs. Nothing helped clear up the lesions, even prescription medications. I wanted to find something natural to help him and asked my niece in Idaho for suggestions. She has a son with the same condition and she believes in natural healing. She suggested Emulate. With just a very small amount of this cream, my grandson’s lesions clear up quickly and he is so happy! His success sold me and I ordered a sample packet of Emulate products.

Emu Moisturizer: I LOVE this cream! I use it on my face, neck and upper chest area before bedtime. It is not “greasy” and it makes my skin soft. I tend to need something a bit heavier at night. I like the natural smell, too. This is my favorite Emulate product and always in my medicine cabinet.

Moringa Moisturizer: This is a newer product, all plant based, which I was anxious to try. I apply to my face in the morning before applying make-up. It is lighter than the Emu moisturizer. Again, I have nothing negative to say. It’s a great natural, plant based moisturizer that works well for me.

Eye Cream: This is probably the most amazing eye cream I have ever used. I apply under my eyes, on my eyelids, between my eyebrows, on my upper lip area and on the smile lines at the corners of my mouth. It plumps, moisturizes and makes my skin look healthy. While eye cream is something we tend to use as we age, my 19 year old granddaughter has used it when her eyelids sometimes get dry. She was willing to use it because it is natural (she is studying to be a naturopathic doctor).

Spot Reducer Cream: My daughter had success in reducing “pregnancy mask” type discoloring on her face with this cream. I have not had success with this cream, but let me qualify. As we age, some of the “dark spots” turn into spots which need to be frozen off by a dermatologist to totally remove them. I say this just to make others aware of the type of spots they wish to fade and to seek advice from a dermatologist in order to determine what results to expect.

Lip Balm: I used the lip balm in my five grandkids Christmas stockings one year. Now they request it. All natural ingredients and great flavors. Lavender being my personal favorite. As I opened my recent order, I felt the familiar tingling of a cold sore. I quickly applied the lavender lip balm and it immediately stopped tingling. The cold sore never became really inflamed and it was but a tiny dot within 4 days.

Pure Emu Oil: I was happy to receive this sample in my packet. I keep it in my refrigerator. When I get the rare severe cold sore, it works wonders to apply a drop of pure emu oil. The lesion clears up quickly. I have also used this oil on small cooking type burns. It is an amazing healer.

Arthritis/Muscle Rub: I had knee surgery many years ago. Occasionally I will have aching and pain in that knee. Not being a person who likes to take a lot of Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, etc., I tried the arthritis/muscle rub. Only a small amount (dime size) was needed and I rubbed it in really well. I like the “warmth” as it begins to relieve the pain. The rub works quickly and lasts through the night for me.

Sunblock: Looks are deceiving! It may go on like those oily thick creams we see in the drugstore, but it is absorbed in the skin and offers excellent protection. My grandkids and I have used this on our faces and I use on a tattoo on the top of my foot to protect it from the hot Arizona sun.

Chiropractic & Massage Applications of Emu Oil

Dr. Patty Headly of Tonkawa, Oklahoma, and Dr. Ron Westbrook of Decatur, Texas, see a small portion of the 20 million Americans who visit chiropractors annually, and every one of those patients has experienced the benefits of Emu oil and chiropractic treatments. “I have started using massage treatments in my practice,” explained Dr. Headly. “Since I have been doing massage, Emu oil has become a major part of my practice. I do both massage and adjustments and the Emu oil is used virtually from head to toe. People with chronic shoulder and knee problems get help from the adjusting, but the Emu oil really does the final trick during the massage. I find it is absolutely amazing.”

Together, neuromusculoskeletal problems such as neck, back, and joint pain accounted for 86 percent of the average chiropractor’s practice last year. Dr. Headly’s patients are no different, and according to Dr. Headly, Emu oil is helping those patients get relief. “I can get results using chiropractic alone on lower back pain,” said Dr. Headly. “However, it seems that when I use the Emu oil in conjunction with the chiropractic, the relief is quick and the muscles stay relaxed longer, and therefore the treatment lasts longer.”

Dr. Headly illustrated that there are ligaments and muscles that are attached to the spine. When the spine is misaligned, anything that can cause those tissues to become loose or more fluid, is a great help. The more fluid the muscles the less likely they will pull back out of alignment. “I can push the spine back, but when the patient gets back into their car, it can be out of alignment again because the muscles and the tendons are just too tight,” explained Dr. Headly. “With the oil and massage working together, and the deep penetration, the loosened muscles hold longer.” Dr Headly revealed she had a patient who had experienced numerous surgeries. Due to those surgeries, the abdominal skin tissues had lost elasticity to the point of becoming dough-like in texture. Dr Headly stated that after conducting massage treatments using the Emu oil on her abdomen, the texture of the skin changed and elasticity was renewed. Even scar tissue began healing.

According to Dr. Ron Westbrook, who has been using Emu oil in his practice for approximately eight months, he and his patients both are enjoying some of the little comforts that accompany using the oil rather than the conventional conductive gels and creams. “What I enjoy most about using the Emu oil is that I have a lot more freedom of motion when massaging,” said Dr. Westbrook. “The patient is more comfortable because I am not pulling on the skin, and there are no offensive odors such as you have with the conventional creams. However the most significant observation that I have made is that the treatments with the oil last longer than without. The oil relaxes the muscles so well that the treatments hold for a longer period of time,” he explained.

Source: An Adjustment in Chiropractic by Nancy McMillan, July 1995


I met you at the candy dance and told u I had issues with Arbonnes deodorant and had to send it back. Well I have to say I am very impressed with Emulate and you have a customer for life. I’m very satisfied. I haven’t worked out with it yet but I have walked around six flags and sweat all day in the heat and was fine.

Amy, Genoa, Nevada

Sunblock and Burn Relief

On a trip to Phoenix we took along a large bottle of Emu oil. The temperatures were well over 102 degrees in late May, and we while we both got great suntans, we never had to worry about sunburns. The oil appears to totally protect the skin from burning!

We use it as moisturizer in the bath, on the body and face, and Glenn uses it as an aftershave to heal up razor nicks and soften his skin. In addition, several pre-cancerous bumps I had on my face and hands have disappeared.

My tenant’s 1 yr old baby crawled under her jeep that she had just drove home. She came running over to our house, baby in arms. He had a very nasty looking 3rd degree burn across his upper back from the hot tailpipe. I immediately applied copious amounts of Emu Oil to his burn and gave her a large bottle of oil to apply several times that night and next several days. I expected to see a huge blister form and lots of pain and discomfort. To my amazement NO blisters formed and in 4 days the underlying replacement skin started to show with NO red or raw look. 3 weeks later I could hardly tell that he had been burnt so severely. Truly amazing.

Russ Davis, Courtenay, BC 250-338-8227

Our physician’s fair, red headed daughter suffered a bad sunburn on a small exposed area that did not receive sun-block. Within minutes of applying emu oil, her pain was relieved, and there was no blistering or peeling.

Sue Kiselicka, Medford, WI 715-785-7677

I burned my hands badly by grabbing a pan that had been in a 500 degree oven. The finger tips were seared white. I immediately applied pure emu oil, and added more oil for the first hour or so. Within 30 minutes the pain ceased. The next day, continuing to use the oil, there was just slight redness, no blisters or scars, and still no pain.

Esta Kronberg M.D., a Houston, TX-based dermatologist began prescribing Emu oil for her patients several years ago after using it on a sunburn. “When I realized how well it fights inflammation, I began using it for many different problems, all with good results. A spider bite on her ankle was the next test. “Within a few hours after applying Emu oil, all the stinging was gone,” the physician said.

Kronberg said Emu oil begins healing faster and relieves pain, so patients feel better sooner. “It works quickly, our patients have been really pleased, “she explained, “and they are intrigued because it is a natural substance.”

In her practice, Kronberg finds Emu oil is the best treatment for first- and second-degree burns and she has also had good success prescribing Emu oil for rosacea patients. “Even though it is an oil, it seems to heal inflamed, ruddy and raw skin,” explained the physician.

At a recent medical symposium, the physician and her husband met a nurse who suffered from psoriasis. After using Emu oil, the woman reported a clearing of scaling skin lesions and being able to wear short sleeves and shorts for the first time in 10 years.

“I was absolutely sold after that,” Kronberg said.

Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel and Tendonitis

For some of us Emu oil is the only treatment for arthritis, carpal-tunnel and tendonitis. We use the Emu oil as a safe “driver” (unlike DMSO) to drive cortisone, aspirin creme lotions, menthol compounds deep into the skin tissues. Even the oil alone can bring amazing relief from the pain.

Do you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? I do. And I have found that rubbing emu oil into both wrist, works MUCH, MUCH better to relieve the aching (so that I can sleep at night) than wearing splints and/or taking Relafan constantly. In fact; with all the keyboard “users” in this country, and all the workmen’s comp claims being filed because of this growing problem for employers, (Carpal Tunnel) we need to provide information on the benefits of emu oil, to all the major businesses in America and their insurance companies – who are paying the medical bills for the employees who develop this ailment.

Gum, Cold Sore and Denture Relief

On the above-mentioned trip, Glenn had all of his upper teeth extracted by a Mexican oral surgeon, and immediate dentures put in. The pain (despite medications given him by the surgeon) got to be too much to bear, so we stopped and removed the dental plates put in less than an hour before. Glenn’s upper gums were heavily stitched in several places and totally swollen, so I recommended he keep them out as the bleeding had abated, and Glenn used Q-tips to coat his gums for the next three days. The pain was gone by day two, and on day four he returned to the oral surgeon for a checkup by the surgeon, who told him he had never seen stitches heal so fast, and the surgeon proceeded to remove all the stitches (usually one has to wait at least two weeks!). I found that when my dentures irritate my gums, putting Emu oil on the irritated spot stops all pain.

My husband has always had a lot of cold sores in the winter time. They are on his nose, his mouth and are large and very painful. He started using emu oil on them as soon as they started to develop and now they do not amount to anything. He swears by it.

Treating an infant’s gums when they are teething can help eliminate soreness and swelling helping make the teething process much more tolerable for the baby and its parents as well.

Inflammation or Infection

I had a painful in-grown toenail (my first ever). I coated my foot and put on socks overnight, and the pain stop by morning. I did not even think about the in-grown toenail for close to week, and while reading an article on the Internet about the Emu oil’s uses, discovered in-grown toenails listed as one. At that moment I realized I did not have any further problems with that toenail.

We love your products and use many of your products for everyone in the family. Our dog, a labrador has sore joints and arthritis. We used the Emu oil for his joints and he is no longer limping! I was able to give it to him internally on a doggie treat – it just took a couple of drops daily and externally.

Ear Ache

A drop or two into the sore ears experiencing an ear ache will eliminate the swelling, help heal the infection and decrease or even eliminate the pain within seconds.

Just discovered a new therapeutic use of your Muscle Rub! Have had a stopped up ear for over a couple of weeks—decided to try the Muscle Rub on the neck area below and back of the ear— next morning I was experiencing drainage and relief!! guess the magic ingredients reduced the tension and swelling to allow the tube to open up!!


I went vegan this past year to try to improve my Lupus and so I stopped taking my Emu oil capsules. Well I got my blood test back last week and my cholesterol is sky high. It was good while I took the emu oil capsules. Thanks for your support. The capsules are good and I’m going back on them.
— Michele Leamon, Sun Valley, ID

Bites, Stings and Poison Ivy

We have found that Emu oil will cut the pain and itching of bites, stings, and even poison ivy and oak. We have a friend who uses Menthol-based products on his shoulders at night, so I asked him to put the menthol on both shoulders, and then apply the Emu oil to one shoulder and report the results back to me. He dropped by the next day to say that the Emu oil drove the menthol deep into the tissues and he could feel the difference between the two applications.

We get insect bites frequently, and applying a dab of the oil to the itch makes it disappear within a few seconds, and it works great on mosquito bites! Glenn was outside in summer shorts a few days ago and disturbed a huge hornet nest. He was stung at least seven times on the legs and a couple of places on the face and hands. He came rushing in the house and coated all the bites heavily with Emu oil. None of the bites ever swelled up, and he was able to proceed as if nothing happened.

Healing of Scar Tissue and Surgical Pain Relief

Glenn’s brother, Ernie, had a triple by-pass heart operation a couple of years ago, and as he is an Emu breeder, and knew we used it, he started applying it because the metal plates put in his chest to hold the stitches ached when the cold air hit. On a routine visit to his surgeon he was asked why his scars were disappearing 50% faster than the rest of his patients.

I am using the oil on stretch marks on my abdomen from pregnancy, and am seeing a gradual reduction in the scars (have been using one month to date.

Acne Treatment

Ernie, has two teenagers who had acne until he made them start using Emu oil on their faces.

Breast Feeding Soreness

Treating a woman’s nipples during nursing with Emu Oil can considerably decrease the soreness and chafing that occurs in the early stages of breastfeeding.

Psoriasis and Rough Dry Skin

A visitor showed us his psoriasis spot. We applied Emu oil to them and watched them turn from gray crusts to smooth pink flat spots within a few days! He left with a large amount of Emu oil, and he now uses it whenever the psoriasis starts to form.


A lady called who had discovered Emu Oil and decided to treat her shingles with it, as her dermatologist had given her no relief. Her shingles were gone! She called her mother in California, who also had shingles and used the oil, and her shingles were gone as well.

Rashes & Irritations

Our grandson had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic, which created a diaper rash with a fiery red area like a burn. He was very fussy, and in a lot of pain. We put emu oil on it and within a minute the pain had eased, he quit fussing and was happy again.

Acupuncture Treatments

Our acupuncture therapist is using emu oil as a carrier for many of her special Chinese herb formulas. She is very pleased with the results from these blends.

Veterinarian’s Testimonial of Emu Oil

I started applying the benefits of emu oil to veterinary medicine approximately one year ago. An emu breeder informed me of the human application, i.e. moisturizer, anti-inflammatory and transport carrier for medicine. Considering these human applications it seemed reasonable to apply those benefits to the animal population.

Originally, I considered the human application for anti-inflammatory properties and transport media and felt there would be applications to management of horse wounds, especially lower leg wounds. Although anecdotal, when used in combination with other drugs, I found accelerated wound healing and decreased tendency toward production of proud flesh. Depending on the type of wound, I often combined emu oil with DMSO or dexamethasone, or gentamicin for use in the management of wounds.

On distal leg wounds where there is decreased muscle, therefore decreased circulation and increased tendency for production of proud flesh, I found that when emu oil was combined with dexamethasone and an antibiotic, usually gentocin, the animal was much less likely to develop proud flesh.

Management of non-suturable wounds with twice daily application of emu oil and bandage changes markedly reduced this same phenomenon. Epithelization of these wounds treated with emu oil preparation was faster and less scarring was noted. Likewise, dehiscence of sutured wounds was less in emu oil treated in equine patients.

Although I have not yet used emu oil in lame or arthritic horses, I am interested in combining the oil with NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to control stiffness and pain in those affected joints. Based on claims of anti-inflammatory actions and transport carrier claims it seems logical to apply these uses to this area of equine medicine.

I have combined preparations using emu oil in bovine medicine also. A frequent winter lesion seen in dairy cattle is frosted teat ends. The teat end freezes and skin around the teat sloughs. The emu oil has accelerated healing in these lesions and made it possible to continue milking in cows through the healing process. In this type of lesion, emu oil is used alone for reasons of milk residues. This is an area where even bacteriostatic claims apply as well as those previously mentioned.

Similarly, in bovine practice, ringworm lesions in calves is seen commonly. When the oil was combined with fulvacin, an anti-fungal medication, these lesions resolved and at a faster rate than when using other conventional techniques, i.e. bleach, iodine preparations, etc.

Even in small animal practice, I have found application for emu oil in wound management. One important area in which I have found application is cast sore lesions. When the cast area is worn by a small animal the cast often gets or causes pressure on bony prominent areas. Dermatitis or cast sores develop. When the cast is removed there are wounds which have to be managed. Emu oil combinations have accelerated the healing process markedly.

Emu oil applied in small animal shampoos also eliminate fleas, and can work as a wonderful treatment for flea bites and itching.

These oil applications used in my mixed animal veterinary practice are anecdotal. However, I frequently photograph lesions to determine the progress of healing, especially in wounds which will require long term care. I have slides (photos) for many emu oil treated patients. I have been satisfied with the effects the oil provides and I will continue to use its preparations in my practice as well as to look for new applications of emu oil benefits.

Matthew S. Zimmer, DVM
2520 West U.S. HWY 20
Angola, Indiana 46703


Client Testimonials | Emulate Emu Oil and Moringa oil. Emulate’s Emu oil Benefits and Moringa Oil Benefits. Emulate Organic, Vegan, and All Natural Products