How Emu Oil Is Helping Chemotherapy Patients With Bowel Damage And Inflammation

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Emu oil has a long-standing reputation as a nourishing and healing oil. Aborigines of Australia have used Emu Oil since time immemorial for the treatment of skin wounds and other skin problems. Recently Australian scientists at the University of Adelaide have discovered that emu oil is very effective in helping chemotherapy patients overcome bowel damage and inflammation. In fact, they have found that ingesting Emu Oil is generally restorative and has a positive effect on common bowel diseases in general.

How Does Emu Oil Work?

Well over half of cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy develop very painful intestinal ulcers. Up until recently, there have been very few effective treatments for this distressing condition. Now researchers have found that chemotherapy patients who ingest Emu Oil experience accelerated repair of damaged bowels. The oil stimulates intestinal “crypt” growth, and this assists with food absorption. This enhanced ability to absorb nourishment naturally helps patients maintain better overall health for more successful recovery. Again another great Emu Oil Use.

Another very common side effect of chemotherapy for cancer is a condition known as mucositis. This serious disorder can manifest as inflammation of the entire alimentary tract, which is the entire digestive system. Because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, Emu Oil is a valuable and effective treatment for this problem. It has been successfully used treat inflammation of the mucosa of the mouth; the pharynx and esophagus; the stomach, small and large intestine and anus.

Mucositis is characterized by the deterioration and erosion of the mucosa. In the mouth, it manifests as painful ulcers. Emu Oil applied topically to these ulcers has been found effective in reducing them and resolving the pain. It is also worth noting that emu oil applied topically to skin lesions in cancer patients and others has been proven very effective in healing and reduction of inflammation.

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100% Pure Emu Oil | Emu Oil Benefits for Cancer Patients

Throughout the entire digestive tract, mucosal inflammation causes distressing problems such as nausea, diarrhea and painful bloating burning sensations and pain. These symptoms can wreak havoc on a cancer survivor’s life and cause a great deal of depression and a sense of hopelessness.

The presence of mucosal inflammation increases the risk of intestinal infection and sepsis. In fact, mucositis is one of the most serious complications experienced by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Those who have serious mucosal inflammation are far less likely to experience successful recovery.

Emu Oil Offers Hope To Chemotherapy Patients

Following the clinical trials that were conducted at the University of Adelaide, cancer researchers concluded that ingesting Emu Oil on a regular basis could help improve cancer patients’ rate of recovery. They believe that ingesting the oil daily will help prevent and decrease the amount of damage caused by the use of chemotherapy drugs. Furthermore, they believe that the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of the oil will help to heal damages that do result. Shown again there is great promise in Emu Oil uses.

While the use of Emu Oil in this manner is a new concept, there is every reason to believe that the concept will prove to be true and valuable. Emu oil has been studied in other contexts in terms of its effectiveness in reducing inflammation of the skin, inflammation caused by arthritis and other types of inflammation. Across the board, the Emu Oil has been found remarkably effective.

What Makes Emu Oil Work?

In addition to very powerful anti-inflammatory properties, emu oil is rich in nourishment. It contains high levels of tocopherols, flavones and carotenoid these are all powerful antioxidants that have been proven to be effective in thwarting damage caused by free radicals. Additionally, they are very effective against certain types of cytotoxins that are typically found in the mucosal tissues of patients experiencing mucositis. These reactive oxygen species are very damaging to blood vessels, tissues and cells.

In addition to their healing and inflammation fighting properties, emu oil can be considered a superfood that packs a powerful punch in terms of nutrition. Patients who take emu oil receive the benefits of a generous dose of healthy nourishment. Emu oil is a blend of fatty acids containing:

* Vitamin D3 in a highly absorbable form

* Vitamin K in its most powerful form

* Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids

* Concentrated vitamin E

* Carotenoids

* Flavones

While researchers do not yet fully understand how the unique qualities of Emu Oil work to accellerate healing and prevent and resolve inflammation, they are agreed that all evidence indicates that this all natural source of concentrated nutrition is a positive boon for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.Emu Oil & Apple Stem Cell Anti-Aging Elixir

A Standard Therapeutic Dose Has Not Yet Been Determined

The Adelaide University research found that chemotherapy patients who ingested emu oil experience increased mucosal growth. Researchers plan to build on these positive results with further and more intensive studies in which they will determine the best dosage of emu oil for the greatest efficacy. They speculate that the development of the habit of simply taking emu oil as a standard nutritional supplement may prove to be very valuable in general, and especially those who are suffering from problems such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.

The best news for the general public is that; although an official therapeutic dose has not yet been set, many health conscious people the world over take emu oil capsules every day as a dietary supplement. It’s best to purchase Emu Oil Capsules that have been sourced from birds raised in Australia in the Aboriginal tradition. Just as with any supplement, you should strive to obtain a high quality product that is free of chemicals, artificial ingredients and fillers.

Most high quality emu oil suppliers recommend a dosage of 2 capsules daily for children and 4-6 capsules daily for adults. The amount your body needs will vary based upon your level of health and your stress levels. Be sure to follow package instructions closely; however, you needn’t be overly concerned about taking too much of the supplement. Generally speaking, adding emu oil to your health regimen is a smart way to boost your overall health and prevent and/or ease inflammation of all sorts. Continue reading our blog for the reasons for Emu Oil Uses and Emu Oil Benefits. So you can see How Emu Oil Is Helping Chemotherapy Patients and many hospitals are using Emu Oil.