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Emu Oil Is Great For Reducing And Preventing Stretch Marks

Emu oil has been used for centuries by aboriginal Australians to cure a number of different ailments. It has been proven to lower cholesterol, decrease pain and improve circulation. It has been proven to help cancer patients and radiation. Besides its amazing health benefits, it can also benefit a patient aesthetically. Many women use emu oil to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This Emu oil can also prevent new ones from forming. One of the most sought after benefits of emu oil is its ability to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Arthritis & Muscle Rub

There is little scientific evidence or studies collected on the matter. However, anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that it’s true. Many women have remarked on dramatic changes in the appearance of their scars and stretch marks after applying emu oil topically. Women who’ve applied it throughout their pregnancy have almost completely kept the stretch marks from forming.

How Is This Possible?

Emu oil works to prevent stretch marks by keeping the skin lubricated. This allows it to stretch further without becoming damaged. A pregnant belly will expand rapidly. Our skin’s natural condition cannot keep up with these changes. When a little Emu oil is applied, the skin is able to stretch further, while keeping itself together.

Emu oil also works to reduce the appearance of scaring caused by stretching through its fatty acids. Omega acids 3 and 6 are included. These fatty acids are vital to the function of your skin, and help it maintain its appearance. Healthy skin means stronger skin. Stronger skin means less breakage.

This Emu oil is also able to penetrate deeply. This allows it to moisturize effectively. Since this oil penetrates, and doesn’t sit on the skin, you will not experience that greasy feeling that co-co butter gives you.

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Emulates Emu Oil | Emu oil Uses

Its anti-inflammatory properties can help with the appearance and physical discomfort associated with stretch marks. Stretch marks itch because the skin is inflamed and irritated. Emu oil will help to bring this sensation down. The anti-inflammatory effect of emu oil will also tone down the redness. Scaring isn’t actually red unless it’s inflamed.

It’s Also Great For C-Section, Surgery, or Injury Scars

Stretch marks are scars. In the same way emu oil reduces the appearance of skin that’s been damaged by stretching, it can also minimize scaring that’s been caused by a laceration. If you’ve recently had a C-section, you’re probably dealing with stretch marks and scaring.

Improved circulation and its anti-inflammatory properties will help to reduce the appearance of both. Your scar will fade over time. The emu oil will help the process go a lot faster. After a few weeks of application, most women notice a dramatic reduction. Make sure the wound is completely closed before applying it.

How To Properly Apply Emu Oil To Stretch Marks And Scars

Emu oil is often taken through oral supplements. While this method of consuming it is good for the internal parts of the body, it does nothing for the skin. For emu oil to work, it has to be applied topically. There’s a right way, and a wrong way, of applying it to the skin. A common mistake for people to make is applying too much.

One drop of Emu oil is enough to cover an area that’s the size of an average, adult hand. You should take one drop at a time, and gently rub it into a three to six inch area. When that area is completed, take another drop and complete the process somewhere else.

There’s no need to rub it in all the way. This Emu oil is excellent at penetrating the skin. In fact, rubbing it in excessively might cause it to absorb into your hands instead. While you should gently rub it for a couple of seconds, there’s no need to sit down and do it for minutes. After only two to five minutes, the area should be completely dry.

If there is oil left behind after the five minutes are up, it probably means that you’ve used too much. That’s why it’s recommended to only rub it in a drop at a time. If you have used too much, it’s no big deal. Simply wipe off the excess. You should also use less next time.

100% Pure Emu Oil

Using an excessive amount of emu oil during one application will not increase the effect of it. If you would like to maximize your results, complete the process of application several times throughout the day. You can do it in the morning, after lunch and before you go to bed.


It’s Time To Let Emulate’s Emu Oil Help Your Stretch Marks

Don’t go through life with damaged skin. It’s easy to minimize the appearance of scaring caused by pregnancy and weight gain when you’ve got a bottle of Emu oil to help you. Since only a small amount is needed for each application, buying a few ounces should last you a while.

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