Emulate skin care for winter | Emu oil uses and Moringa oil

There’s a lot not to like about winter. While plenty of people automatically think about heavy snow fall or extremely cold and below zero temperatures, there are other annoyances that are also hard to deal with. Assuming you can avoid the dangers of flu season first and foremost, you may find that one irritation that can become serious or painful over time is that of having overly dry skin.

So how can you avoid the extremely dry air of winter and most inside heating units to help save your skin from dryness, cracking, and even severe dryness and cracking that can come from more extreme situations?

Follow some of these great tips and you might not become 100% immune to dry skin, but they will help you defend yourself from one of the most common issues that come along with winter.

Use Quality Moisturizing Lotions

This is a major step. Even if you’re not normally a “lotion person,” it’s important to remember that with so much dry air, it’s critical to get yourself some extra help. While using almost any lotion is better than using none at all, there are certain things you can look for like Emu Oil Lotion or Moringa Oil lotions or even Pure Moringa Oil and Pure Emu Oil works wonders, that also strongly emphasize being moisturizers.

When you’re looking at lotion that can help for your feet, recognize that you might need a second type of lotion that is a little stronger and has more petroleum jelly types of ingredients. Feet are especially vulnerable to Dry Skin so using Dry Skin & Eczema with Emu Oil, so if you find your hands look pretty good but your feet seem to be drying off and cracking (especially at the heel), then you need to look at getting that stronger lotion for your feet while using the other one for your hands and elbows.

Change Out Wet Footwear & Gloves

This is good advice to begin with, but when it comes to making sure your skin is at its absolute healthiest, you don’t want to wear wet socks, shoes, boots, or gloves. The water on skin might sound okay because part of the reason for winter based dry skin is the lack of moisture, but the truth is when you have wrinkled feet and cold exposure that’s not only healthy, but that puts your skin in a vulnerable position and makes it easier to dry out, especially after the moisture wears out.

Since your skin around your hands and feet tends to be the hardest to keep moisturized as opposed to other parts of the body which is why they have to be taken care of. Make sure to dry shoes or boots at the end of the day after they have been wet and change out socks consistently.

As a small piece of advice – look for cotton gloves over wool as wool has been known to irritate the skin and that can make winter dryness issues even worse.

Humidifiers Work Wonders

One of the at home tools that can help out the most is a high quality humidifier, particularly in rooms that you spend a lot of time in. For many people this will be the living room, and also the bedroom. While it’s hard to believe that one humidifier could make a huge difference putting water vapor back in the air, the truth is that even just a little bit of water put in the air each day can help make your skin more comfortable.

When the air isn’t unnaturally dry, your skin won’t dry up nearly so fast and you will not only find that the lotion works even better, but you will end up being more comfortable as a whole because the air quality will be easier for breathing. That’s a pretty good overall deal.

Stay Hydrated as Much as Possible

This sounds like a weird tip, but your overall skin health does partially rely on how hydrated you are overall as a whole. While this isn’t a huge thing when it comes to having good skin (this isn’t nearly as important as using a vaporizer or as using lotion and moisturizer), it can make a difference.

Being healthier overall, which drinking water will do, will mean you just feel and look better overall, as well.

Watch Your Shower/Bath Heat

Sometimes during the winter, especially during those extremely cold snaps, nothing seems to beat a hot bath or especially a nice steamy hot shower. However, very hot water is bad for drying out the skin. While this can be a hard thing to sacrifice, a warm shower or mildly hot shower is still much better than a steaming hot sauna type of setup.

After drying off your skin will dry out from all the heat and steam that came down on your body. Try avoiding the super hot showers or if you just refuse to give up that one sanity keeper during the winter months, make sure to apply moisturizing lotion the moment you have dried off.

Talk to a Specialist

Sometimes you will need additional help that goes above and beyond the moisturized lotions and room vaporizers. If you’re taking all the necessary precautions and treating yourself and yet you’re still seeing overly dry and cracking skin during the winter months, then it might be time to talk to a specialist like a dermatologist and see what your other options are.

There are many people who find themselves in this boat and by taking that extra step they might finally find the solution they need in order to get non-cracking winter dry skin. See the specialist: you won’t regret it!

There are many different ways to help keep your skin looking good throughout the winter. While dry skin might be extremely hard to avoid throughout the winter, taking a few extra steps can help to make sure your skin is at its healthiest and looking its best.

Don’t go another winter with dry skin that’s cracking and even causing pain. Follow this advice and enjoy the winter – or at least make it through with better looking and feeling skin!