100% Pure Organic Moringa Seed Oil (Moringa oleifera) – Unscented (VEGAN-FRIENDLY)


Pure oil from the Moringa Tree of Life, has been used for thousands of years as an important element of Holistic medicine. Touted for its antioxidant and “carrier” properties, Moringa oil penetrates to the bone or joint within minutes helping carry the healing properties of other ingredients deeper than they can penetrate alone. This feature elevates the overall performance of products made with it.

Alone, Moringa oil is excellent for skin and hair care. It’s many nutrients help heal damaged skin and generate healthy new cells. Used on the head it offers beneficial treatment to the scalp and restores protein and richness to the hair.

Noted for anti-inflammatory properties as well, alone it is not a potent anti-inflammatory, but combined with other anti-inflammatory herbs and oils, it is very effective.

CONTENTS: 100% Pure Organic Moringa Seed Oil (Moringa oleifera) from India. No additives or preservatives.


It is rare to find an oil with such high levels of nutrient for the skin in a plant-based ingredient. We spent years looking for this ingredient, testing and researching many alternatives. In 2012, Dr. Bernadette Arellana, Plantation owner and Founding Director of the Moringaling Foundation of Manila, Philippines introduced us to Moringa.We became a member of the foundation and have been a supporter of the use of Moringa and its farmers since.

While Moringa has been used as part of Holistic medicine in many cultures for thousands of years, it is still a foreigner in the U.S. to many people. Numerous studies are being conducted on Moringa, in particular regarding the leaves which are an incomparable supplement – offering many anti-carcinogen properties, noticeable improvements in digestion and reduced symptoms of diabetes, improvements in cardiovascular health and overall improvement in health and energy.

The Moringa tree is 100% sustainable, and grows rapidly in environments close to the equator. Whether arid or tropical, Moringa is offering poverty stricken populations new means of acquiring health and developing economy as farmers.

As part of our Moringa initiative, we donate a portion of our sales to supporting programs that educate and build self sufficiency for these areas.

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