Facial Mask Strawberry

Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Mask with Organic Strawberry and Noni berry



Contains approximately 10 applications. This is an incredible, non-abrasive exfoliating and detoxifying mask made from high antioxidant, powdered wild and organic fruit and herbs. The enzymes from the organic tropical fruit powders exfoliate without scraping the skin or robbing it of its anti-aging oils. We recommend using the liquid or “tea” from the Herbal Eye Mask pads to moisten the mask powder into a smooth paste. The nutrients from the Herbal Eye Mask pads reinforces the effectiveness of the mask, but Green Tea, Coconut water or filtered water is also an acceptable option.

Instructions: Apply mask over entire face with exception of the eye area. The enzymes in the masque will separate dead skin cells so they exfoliate without abrasion, open and detoxify the pores. Leave on the skin for 5-8 minutes. Rinse and wash from the face with hot steam towels, which at home can easily be accomplished by just soaking wash cloths in hot tap water.

Ingredients of the Strawberry mask: Organic Strawberry powder, organic Thai Green Papaya powder and organic Moringa powder.