Chakra Balancing Connection Aromatherapy

Chakra Balancing Connection Aromatherapy


Recommended for professional or home use in massage and spa treatments. Can be used individually or together as a step-by-step treatment for opening the body’s energy channels (chakras). Best combined with Emulate’s Massage Oils or Massage Lotions. These are PURE undiluted essential oils. When purchased as a system, the Kit includes a carrying case with one 5 ml bottle of each aromatherapy and an application guide that explains their purpose and how to use them to create a profoundly transformative massage experience.

Buy individually or as a Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy for Massage Kit.


  • Restore Aromatherapy – Stimulates energy and the restoration of peach and contentment. Ingredients: Frankincense and Juniper Essential oils. 5 ml
  • Relaxation Aromatherapy – Creates clarity of though and focus. Ingredients Bergamot and Sandalwood essential oils.  5 ml
  • Breath Aromatherapy – Increases airflow and oxygenation during the massage. Opens the capillaries to improve circulation. Ingredients: Eucalyptus organic essential oil.  5 ml
  • Balance Aromatherapy – Establishes a sense of bliss and calm that leads to overall well-being. Ingredients: Lavender organic essential oil.  5 ml
  • Vitality Aromatherapy – Brings a sense of positivity and acceptance of change. Increases vitality. Ingredients: Frankincense and Clary Sage organic essential oils.  5 ml
  • Connection Aromatherapy – Elicits a sense of being grounded, builds self esteem and confidence. Ingredients: Cedarwood organic essential oil.  5 ml