True Score Performance Aromatherapy

True Score Performance Aromatherapy


For golfers and athletes. Numerous golf magazines and golf courses are adding Aromatherapy performance products to their pro-shops and retail offerings, and golfers are reporting more improved swings, ease in overcoming a bad hole and replacing it with positive minded play.

In fact, Golf Digest featured an Aromatherapy for golfers, describing it as “Aromatherapy – the art and science of capturing the amazing calming and confidence building benefits one derives from the aromatic essential oils from natural plant materials. The foundation of your mental game begins with your trust and confidence in your swing. When you trust your swing, you build confidence in your game and play your best golf.”

True Score incorporates these components of golf performance with essential oils that specifically support mental clarity, self confidence, stress reduction and sustained energy for a better golf game or performance in any sport with all natural essential oils.

Organic ingredients: Cedarwood essential oil, Juniper essential oil, Fennel essential oil and Optiphen™ Plus for preservative.

A performance aromatherapy that increases concentration, improves focus, reduces stress and fatigue. Also great for work and school. 5 ml. #2219